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Flower Care

If you are lucky enough to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you need to know how to keep them at their best for as long as possible. Just follow the experts’ advice! Here are our tips:-


Should I remove the pretty packaging?

It’s best to remove the wrap but some people like to leave it on for a few days. If your bouquet is wrapped in cellophane and tissue paper it is best to remove it as the flowers can get damp with condensation. If however your flowers are wrapped in fabric wrap they should be fine. An aqua packed bouquet (in a water bubble) can be left as it is for up to 48 hours. Just keep the water topped up by pouring more through the centre with a jug. To remove the packaging pierce the water bubble over the sink. Don’t cut the binding tape as the flowers have been specially arranged and do not need to be dismantled.


Do I really need to re-cut the stems?

Yes. The stems dry up quickly and if they are not trimmed they just won’t take up the water. Making sure you use a sharp knife or scissors, cut the stems on a slant to suit the height of your vase cutting at least 1cm off. Remove all foliage that would be in the water. Keep the water topped up daily and remove any faded blooms and leaves.


What should I put my lovely flowers in?

Put them in a really clean non-metallic vase or other water tight container. We scrub our buckets with bleach every time they have been used because any trace of bacteria is harmful to flowers. Fill it with lukewarm water and add the flower food as directed to on packet.  


My flowers are in foam, what do I do?

Flower arrangements should be topped up daily with fresh water making sure the floral foam does not dry out.


Where should I display them?

Display your flowers in a cool, draught free location away from heat sources such as fires, radiators, direct sunlight and electrical goods. Cooler temperatures extend the life of flowers. It’s best to use a mat to protect your furniture.


How long should they last?

If you follow our care instructions they should last 7 days. You may find some flowers last longer including lilies, anthuriums and chrysanthemums. Certain summer and spring varieties, and also roses, don’t last quite as long. You should get 5 days vase life for these more delicate flowers.


Is there anything else I should know?

To help prolong the life of your flowers it’s a good idea to re-cut and rinse the stems every few days and put them in fresh water. Also, remove any faded blooms and leaves as soon as seen.

Flowers and plants are for display only and should never be eaten. Keep them away from children and pets.


Certain flowers may be harmful or cause irritation. In case of irritation, wash affected area immediately with cold water. Do not touch irritated skin. If your symptoms persist consult your doctor and take the flowers or plant with you.


Roses that feel soft and droopy may have an air lock. To remedy, wrap the rose in paper, re cut the stem on an angle and place in 1.5cm of boiling water. Other flowers including gerberas and veronica can be revived using very warm water.


Lily pollen stains, gently pull off any visible stamens before they turn powdery. Pollen on fabric and petals can be dabbed off with sticky tape. Do NOT rub.


Hyacinths do not need cutting! They absorb water through their bulb. The sap that leaks when they are cut may be harmful to other flowers.


Daffodils also produce sap when cut and should not really be mixed with other flowers in the same vase.